Turnbull’s Record Encompasses 35 Years

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Feb. 3) – Yes, of course I remember where I was 35 years ago last night. Where else, but Maple Leaf Gardens, a place in which I spent countless hours as a teenager watching the Leafs… Read More

Dreary Win After a Scintillating Loss

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Feb. 2) – You could probably count on one hand how often our country’s busiest play-by-play broadcaster has grumbled about a hockey assignment. But, Chris Cuthbert of TSN had a glazed-over expression as I rode the Read More

Graphic, Vulgar, Yet Revealing

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Feb. 1) – It is geared toward neither a mature audience nor the young and influential. If it were a television program, the caution notice would read “Parental Guidance Mandatory.” Only on a non-policed website would… Read More

World Hockey Association: Pictorial History

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Feb. 1) – It was 40 years ago that a rogue hockey league – a pipe-dream to many – forever changed the economic climate in the sport. The World Hockey Association was formed in mid-1971 by… Read More
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