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TORONTO (Feb. 14) – My story from last summer about the Maple Leafs jersey design for the Bridgestone Winter Classic gained momentum today.

The excellent website posted a blog on the jersey originally scheduled to be worn on New Year’s Day last month. The outdoor match, however, was postponed as a result of the lockout and will be played next Jan. 1 between Leafs and Red Wings at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

First, my story from August (below).

Then, today’s apparent confirmation from



TORONTO (Aug. 1, 2012) – Marking one of the truly historic occasions in franchise history, the Maple Leafs are reaching back to their earliest years for a jersey to be worn at theBridgestone Winter Classic next season. When the Leafs take on Detroit Red Wings at Michigan Stadium, Jan. 1, the players will be decked out in blue uniforms similar to those worn by the club in 1931-32, the first year of hockey at Maple Leaf Gardens.

A merchandising source – the same individual that tipped me off, last summer, about the Leafs new alternate jersey (replica of the 1967 home playoff edition, worn last season for the first time) – says the club will don a “slightly tweaked” version of the 1931 uniform. As part of my vintage collection, I have a blue Leafs sweater from that era – pictured below – and worn by such franchise legends as Charlie Conacher, Red Horner, Irvin (Ace) Bailey and Frank (King) Clancy.     

The Leafs blue jersey of 1931-32 encompassed the above logo; arm, and uniform stripes, but it also had a white shoulder-yoke. I cannot yet confirm whether the Winter Classic edition will have such a feature. As with previous compositions for the annual outdoor game, the National Hockey League will design a unique shoulder-patch; coaches Randy Carlyle of Toronto and Mike Babcock of Detroit will wear specially-designed jackets.


Leafs’ Winter Classic Jersey Leaked?

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Apparent unreleased Leafs jersey shows up on ebay

product listing on ebay appears to show a legitimate TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS jersey, intended for the 2013 NHL Winter Classic. The game was canceled so uniforms were never released or even unveiled. That being said, it was canceled pretty late in the year, meaning merchandise like this was certainly already produced.

Last month, a couple of leaked T-shirt designs showed the same logo crest. via ebay

Seeing something like this tends to make us all skeptical. And I’d venture to say I fly the skeptic flag higher than anyone else when it comes to these things. So the fact that I’m taking the time to post this should tell you something.

But more important than whether this is a real jersey or not is the fact that, if it isn’t, it’s by far and away the most convincing counterfeit I have ever seen. And it would mean counterfeiters are getting scary good. So good, in fact, that it’s impossible to tell the difference between real and fake. Which is why I believe this is probably the real thing.

The seller is and the rest of their product catalog appears to be legitimate. However, I doubt they’re officially licensed by the NHL. Because if they are, they won’t be for much longer. But drop by their page, take a look at the high-resolution photos on the auction listing and judge for yourself.

Thanks to Doug B. for the tip.

So… real or what?




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