Perky’s Yarns Are Overdue

TORONTO (Aug. 31) — I remember saying to myself: “Howard, just watch Dave Perkins. Observe the way he comports himself around athletes and you will learn immeasurably.” So, that’s what I did. It was Aug. 17, 1987. At Pearson International… Read More

A Wrinkle of Fate

TORONTO (Aug. 26) — As a mural above the security gate at Los Angeles International Airport encourages, it’s time to tell an L.A. story. Sadly, my L.A. story did not pan out as I had hoped. In my previous blog,… Read More

Taking Bobby Orr to SoCal

ANAHEIM (Aug. 24) — As I write this blog from a hotel room two blocks south of Disneyland, I’m still rather incredulous about flying nearly five hours from Toronto to Los Angeles on Tuesday to deliver a small piece of… Read More

Hockey and the “Beatle” Bandit

TORONTO (Aug. 15) — You may wonder why any person would mourn the demise of a strip–plaza. Such facilities aren’t normally the object of affection or sadness. In my case, however, I am somewhat disheartened over the gradual decay and… Read More


TORONTO (Aug. 7) — Random reflections on a summer Sunday… I was rather delighted to learn that a Wayne Gretzky rookie card from the 1979–80 O–Pee–Chee Canada set fetched $465,000 (U.S. funds) at an auction in Atlantic City, N.J. this… Read More

Happy Anniversar(ies)?

TORONTO (Aug. 4) — The Toronto Maple Leafs will celebrate their 100th season in the National Hockey League 15 years after commemorating their 75th anniversary. Even a mathematical klutz like me can determine that a decade has somehow gone missing… Read More
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