Berger BYTES to Become Leafs Centric

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Oct. 19) – Okay… back to the Maple Leafs.   It has been more than four-and-a-half months since I was fired by program director Don Kollins at The Fan-590, a move that disappointed me… Read More

Those Bothered By Cherry Have Terrific Option

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Oct. 11) – In the wake of a blog I wrote early on Monday, extolling the phenomenon that is Coach’s Corner on Hockey Night In Canada, I received numerous emails suggesting that Don CherryRead More

Cherry, MacLean Phenomenon Endless; Unparalleled

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Oct. 10) – I’m not sure why I still find myself surprised over the emotions generated by Don Cherry and Ron MacLean in their weekly appearance on Hockey Night In Canada – a television phenomenon,… Read More

Old Leafs in New Third Jersey

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 24) – Back on July 14, while vacationing in Los Angeles, I received an email from a flawless source in the hockey licensing industry with information the Maple Leafs would be introducing a third… Read More

Bitter Rivals Reunited at Book Launch

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 14) – If at any point during my youth someone had told me that Angelo Mosca and Dave Raimey would one day pose together in a friendly environment, I’d have had that person committed.… Read More

Why So Much Heartache at This Time of Year?

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Sep. 8) – The tragedy involving the Lokomotiv hockey team in Russia yesterday got me thinking how wonderful it would be if someone… somewhere… somehow… could lop off mid-August to mid-September on the Georgian (or WorldRead More

Ron Wilson’s New World

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 7) – Critics and detractors of Ron Wilson may derive perverse enjoyment from his situation heading into the 2011-12 National Hockey League season.   For the first time in Wilson’s tenure as coach of… Read More

Ask Questions But Do Not Assume

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 1) – The tragic death of Wade Belak from an apparent hanging-suicide is both astounding and inexplicable. If earlier this week someone had asked me to name five people I know that would be … Read More

Leafs and the Prediction Game

By HOWARD BERGER  TORONTO (Aug. 22) – Let us begin, today, by offering prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Jack Layton – leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada – who succumbed to cancer early this Read More

Colors of Los Angeles: Dawn to Dusk

Text and all photos by HOWARD BERGER   LOS ANGELES (Aug. 19) – Having spent the bulk of my summers here for the past 20 years, I’ve come to appreciate an aspect of southern California that is either different than… Read More

Photo History of Maple Leafs New Third Jersey

By HOWARD BERGER LOS ANGELES (July 22) – There is redeeming value to the third jersey the Toronto Maple Leafs will show-case next season: it was once worn by champions. That alone should make it a hot-selling item, as Maple Read More

Maple Leafs New Third Jersey

By HOWARD BERGER LOS ANGELES (July 14) – There has been much speculation about whether the Toronto Maple Leafs will unveil a new third jersey for next season. The answer I’ve gotten is yes… the re-designed alternate (pictured below) will Read More

The Leafs/Stamkos Mystery

By HOWARD BERGER   LOS ANGELES (July 13) – If you ask a general manager in the National Hockey League about the puzzle involving offer sheets, chances are you’ll be given a reply similar to that issued by Brian BurkeRead More

Burke’s Trip to Desert a Measured Risk

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (July 7) – Opinions about whether Brian Burke did something “wrong” by visiting our troops in Afghanistan on Canada Day – free agent  day in the National Hockey League – are predictably widespread and diverse. Any… Read More

Restraint Was The Leafs Best Ally

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (July 2) – On a day in which I had lots of fun with my growing list of Twitter subjects (how is it that a guy gets fired by the biggest all-sports radio station in… Read More

Your Opinion on Leafs Moves

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (July 6) – The question to fans of the Maple Leafs was simple and straight-forward; the answers somewhat diverse: “On reflection, do you like the moves made by Brian Burke and Co. the past week and… Read More

An Afternoon With The Blue Jays And Phillies

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (July 4) – So, I’ve got this new toy, see?   It was a Father’s Day gift from Susan and the kids: a Nikon Coolpix P-500 camera (below)… just out on the market last month.… Read More
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