Yes, a Lockout Ended… Really

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Oct. 2) – Sadly, you have to be nearing 30 years of age to remember when a work stoppage in the National Hockey League ended in time to salvage part of a season. But, it did Read More

NHL Season Could Be in Jeopardy

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Sep. 22) – While there is ample opportunity for the National Hockey League and its players to salvage the 2012-13 season, the calendar could be deceiving. “The two sides are so entrenched in their positions that Read More

How to Stomach NHL Lockout

By HOWARD BERGER NEW YORK (Sep. 13) – In a city renowned for star appeal, the National Hockey League trotted out its biggest names on Thursday afternoon – players and owners separated by a mere three blocks and two high-rise Read More

Sep. 15 Meaningless in NHL Labor Clash

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Sep. 5) – Though coverage of the now-dormant negotiation between the National Hockey League and its players has been typically thorough, I’m astonished at the number of well-connected people that consider Sep. 15 a “deadline”. No Read More

NHL Labor Confusion Unnecessary

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Aug. 23) – Only one factor truly discourages awareness and understanding of the labor mechanism that involves the National Hockey League and its players: Emotion. Were it somehow feasible to remove – or even limit – Read More

Why NHL Owners Outlast Players/Fans

By HOWARD BERGER LOS ANGELES (Aug. 18) – I was intrigued to notice the bulletin on Friday night coming out of Rosemont, Ill. that National Hockey League players – according to their leader, Donald Fehr – are “unified in the Read More

Expect 60-Game Season Starting Jan. 1

By HOWARD BERGER LOS ANGELES (Aug. 10) – Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it: I got duped; sucked in by the polite banter and frequency of negotiation. But, the blinders are off today. This, from a hockey executive Read More

NHL Must Remain Open For Business

By HOWARD BERGER NEWARK (June 1) – As commissioner Gary Bettman pointed out on Wednesday night, it isn’t plausible to characterize the climate between the National Hockey League and the NHL Players Association before actual talks begin on a new Read More

New Series… Old Story

By HOWARD BERGER NEWARK (May 31) – And, so it goes. With a clever, patient maneuver, Anze Kopitar resumed the astonishing pattern of the 2012 NHL playoffs by scoring at 8:23 of overtime last night and giving the Los Angeles Read More

A Truly Western Final

By HOWARD BERGER GLENDALE, Ariz. (May 8th) – Hockey fans in Eastern Canada and the United States will be wise to take an afternoon nap, if possible, during the Stanley Cup semifinals. There is bound to be some late-night TV Read More

Leafs-NHL Conspiracy Thriving

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Apr. 5) – What a horrendous time it must be for life-and-death followers of the Maple Leafs. Those who watch the club with rooting interest but are not overly effected by results have it difficult enough. Read More

When Gary Bettman Cuts, Does He Bleed?

By HOWARD BERGER  NEW YORK (Oct. 28) – A sage, hardened veteran of the media that covers the National Hockey League warned me, in no uncertain terms, about attempting to write the blog you have just started to read – Read More
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