Give The NHL A Break

TORONTO (Aug. 29) — I assume that I’m in the overwhelming minority; perhaps even alone on an island. But, I had no problem with the National Hockey League continuing its Stanley Cup schedule on Wednesday night, after players in the… Read More

Burke Could Be Last Man Standing

**BREAKING (Aug. 22, 8 p.m. EDT): MIKE MILBURY HAS BEEN EXCUSED BY NBC SPORTS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS YEAR’S STANLEY CUP TOURNAMENT.** TORONTO (Aug. 22) — As of this morning, Mike Milbury was still employed as a hockey analyst… Read More

Kadri Heat Unfair to Dubas

TORONTO (Aug. 20) — With the Maple Leafs continuing their one–and–done trend this season in opening, or qualifying, rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs, general manager Kyle Dubas has incurred the wrath of fans and media (mostly the former); much… Read More

Palmateer: “Leafs Need Playoff Grit”

TORONTO (Aug. 17) — He remains, more than 40 years after his National Hockey League prime, one of the most–popular figures in modern Toronto Maple Leafs history. As a player in the late–1970’s, he embodied exactly what the current Leafs… Read More

Pietrangelo Watch Underway (Sigh)

TORONTO (Aug. 15) — It happens every year — like clockwork — as soon as the Toronto Maple Leafs are eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs: Fans and media begin to dream about the club buying its way out of… Read More

Better Hope Kyle Was Fudging

TORONTO (Aug. 13) — Let us compare words spoken, this week, by general managers of teams eliminated during the best–of–five qualifying round in the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs. First, from Hall–of–Fame builder Jim Rutherford of the Pittsburgh Penguins; his team… Read More

Leafs Require Significant Change

TORONTO (Aug. 12) — The amendments considered by the Toronto Maple Leafs before next season will starkly reveal the mindset of management. If the objective is to traverse the nearly two–decades–long obstacle of winning one playoff round, Brendan Shanahan and… Read More

A Fun Week, But That’s All

TORONTO (Aug. 10) — It was eight days of stuff that we surely missed during the pandemic shutdown. And, really, nothing more. If you’re a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, feel the disappointment, yet again, and allow it to… Read More

It Figures, But Why Now?

TORONTO (Aug. 8) — It has never happened before and we’ll likely not see it again. What the Maple Leafs pulled off at Scotiabank Arena Friday night was merely the greatest comeback in franchise history. Regular–season, play–in or playoffs. You… Read More

Don’t Wave The Flag, Leafs Nation

TORONTO (Aug. 7) — If you’re a downtrodden fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs after Thursday night’s blown, three–goal lead against the Columbus Blue Jackets, understand that it has happened. Your team did come back from a game down in… Read More

Cherry In Andersen’s Corner

TORONTO (Aug. 6) — There’s nothing like a phone message from Don Cherry in the wee hours to get a guy’s arse out of bed. I had nodded off early last night and vaguely remember my Samsung coming to life.… Read More

Last Chance For Freddie?

TORONTO (Aug. 4) — Game 2, this afternoon (at 4 o’clock) of the made–for–TV Stanley Cup tournament represents the final opportunity, in my view, for Frederik Andersen to prove he’s a playoff–worthy goaltender. If the Leafs fall behind Columbus 2–0… Read More

Leafs Bandwagon Empties

TORONTO (Aug. 3) — Well, that took no time at all. The loud, cracking noises heard near downtown Toronto on Sunday night were thousands of ankles breaking, as fans of the Maple Leafs leapt off the bandwagon. Nearly five… Read More

Leafs Begin “Covid Cup” Chase Tonight

TORONTO (Aug. 2) — Among the redeeming qualities of rabid sports fans are forgiveness, renewed hope and living in the moment. We should all carry such traits through our entire lives. For followers of the Toronto Maple Leafs, hope returns… Read More
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