Still Not The Year

TORONTO (Mar. 31) — As a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, if given the hypothetical chance of your team winning the Stanley Cup this season or next, which would you prefer? The gut–response would probably be sooner rather than… Read More

Are You Watching (As Before)?

TORONTO (Mar. 28) — Most would agree, I’ll assume, that change should be progressive; that if you alter anything in life which works, it should begin to work even better. Though the first intermission of Hockey Night In Canada is… Read More

Goalie Issue All On Leafs Management

TORONTO (Mar. 21) — My ol’ friend, Rosie DiManno, has never needed an epiphany to write a column. About news, human–interest or sports. The headline, which she didn’t write, to her Sunday Leafs story in the Toronto Star (as below)… Read More

Orr Destroyed By “Loonies”

TORONTO (Mar. 20) — Today is Bobby Orr’s 73rd birthday. For the first time in his long public life, hockey’s greatest all–time player is affiliated with more than just the game… and his revolutionary role in it. Since Oct. 30… Read More

Would The Leafs “Rent” Taylor Hall?

TORONTO (Mar. 18) — If, as he implied on Tuesday, Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas is willing to part with a top prospect, would “renting” Taylor Hall from the Buffalo Sabres be a sensible move? Without hesitation, my answer… Read More

Dubas Serves Up a Pant–load

“If Fred has shown us anything in the 4½ seasons he has been with us, it’s that he has a tremendous ability to gather himself when he may not be playing to the standard that he sets for himself. I Read More

Leafs Have To Trade Andersen

TORONTO (Mar. 16) — It’s odd, all this chatter in Leafs land about goaltending. According to flag–wavers in the mainstream Toronto media, this was not supposed to be an issue. The sub–par performance by Frederik Andersen in the abbreviated regular… Read More

Bob Cole Missing the Booth

TORONTO (Mar. 15) — He had to run. God’s voice of hockey here in Canada for two generations. Understandably, of course. At 87 years of age, if offered a COVID–19 vaccine, you go for it. Quickly. “How are you, Howard?”… Read More

That Golden Day In Vancouver

TORONTO (Mar. 9) — This story and this blog is about the man who provides the soundtrack of sports on television in Canada. You know, instantly, that I’m referring to Chris Cuthbert; or C.C. as those in the industry call… Read More

Healy: “Leafs Look Legit, But…”

TORONTO (Mar. 6) — With the exception, perhaps, of Harry Neale, he was the most–complete and informative analyst in the history of hockey on television. Certainly, here in Canada, though many good voices have resided south of the border (John… Read More

Occasionally, This Happens

TORONTO (Mar. 3) — Amid the gloom and despair in the Canadian sports media industry, there’s been a triumphant story: the return of Mike Wilner. Increasingly a staple, from 2014 to 2020, on radio broadcasts of the Toronto Blue Jays,… Read More

The Travail of Stormin’ Norm

TORONTO (Mar. 1) — Norm Rumack remembers the unmistakable feeling of doom. It was June 23, 2009. Early morning on a Tuesday. The night before, while en route to a promotional appearance near Toronto Pearson Airport, he’d gotten an email… Read More
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