Cherry In Andersen’s Corner

TORONTO (Aug. 6) — There’s nothing like a phone message from Don Cherry in the wee hours to get a guy’s arse out of bed. I had nodded off early last night and vaguely remember my Samsung coming to life.… Read More

Last Chance For Freddie?

TORONTO (Aug. 4) — Game 2, this afternoon (at 4 o’clock) of the made–for–TV Stanley Cup tournament represents the final opportunity, in my view, for Frederik Andersen to prove he’s a playoff–worthy goaltender. If the Leafs fall behind Columbus 2–0… Read More

Leafs Bandwagon Empties

TORONTO (Aug. 3) — Well, that took no time at all. The loud, cracking noises heard near downtown Toronto on Sunday night were thousands of ankles breaking, as fans of the Maple Leafs leapt off the bandwagon. Nearly five… Read More

Leafs Begin “Covid Cup” Chase Tonight

TORONTO (Aug. 2) — Among the redeeming qualities of rabid sports fans are forgiveness, renewed hope and living in the moment. We should all carry such traits through our entire lives. For followers of the Toronto Maple Leafs, hope returns… Read More

Eddie Shack… and Leafs vs. Columbus

TORONTO (July 24) — As an avid golfer throughout his life, Eddie Shack knows what it’s like to be on the “back nine.” Sadly, that’s where Shack resides today in his battle with throat cancer. After spending a period of… Read More

Lady Byng Nod A Microcosm of Leafs

TORONTO (July 19) — There is, of course, no shame in being nominated for any award the National Hockey League distributes, including the Lady Byng Trophy for gentlemanly comportment. Among the three finalists for the Byng is Auston Matthews of… Read More

Are We Clamoring For This?

TORONTO (July 10) — As the National Hockey League moves toward the most perilous scheme in its 103–year history, I am left to ponder the enthusiasm for a quasi–Stanley Cup tournament in the heat of summer. My assessment, of course,… Read More


TORONTO (July 6) — Having known George Armstrong for roughly 35 years, I figured to be informed, rather quickly, about a shift in personality leading up to his tenth decade on Earth. And, quite frankly, I grew concerned when ol’… Read More

Leafs vs. Columbus — How to Choose?

TORONTO (June 25) — If the National Hockey League is able to move forward with its Return To Play initiative this summer — and I don’t believe COVID–19 will cooperate — predicting the best–of–five “play in” rounds will be rather… Read More

Being The Bad Guy — Unwittingly

TORONTO (June 22) — I am trying hard to understand, beyond the obvious, why a number of long–time media pals are angry over my stance concerning the National Hockey League’s Return To Play scenario. The obvious being that these people… Read More

The “Sanctity” of the Leafs

TORONTO (June 20) — We’re all aware of the old bromide “many a truth said in jest.” This was, perhaps, best–exemplified early today by my Facebook “friend”, Michael Augello, in Buffalo, New York. After I posted, incredulously, that it’s okay… Read More

Will Paul Ever Get The Call?

TORONTO (June 12) — It remains one of hockey’s abiding mysteries: How is it that Paul Henderson, who scored arguably the most–influential and illustrious goal in the game’s history, cannot qualify as a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame?… Read More

Minnesota Wants Matthews: Scout

TORONTO (June 9) — Nearly three months after the last games were played in the National Hockey League, all remains relatively quiet. The NHL is hoping to gradually build toward a late–summer competition for the 2020 Stanley Cup, but there… Read More

Is He Mad Max? No, Not Really

TORONTO (June 6) — In a week during which former Minneapolis policeman, Derek Chauvin, was charged with second–degree murder in the death of black citizen George Floyd — and reviled across the globe — ESPN commentator Max Kellerman took a… Read More

Watch the Leafs Win THIS Cup

TORONTO (May 28) — Evidently, I’m stupid. That may come as hardly a bulletin to those that frequent this corner. And, particularly, to Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas, who invoked the word on Wednesday to describe any person affixing… Read More

It’s Just a Bad Idea

TORONTO (May 24) — So, the puck has slid from the players to the National Hockey League’s end of the ice. Gary Bettman’s administration has the final call: a) move forward with a concocted mini–tournament for the Stanley Cup in… Read More

Marner, Domi Offer Moral Compass

TORONTO (May 15) — It has been more than two months since the Toronto Maple Leafs played a game, defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2–1, at Scotiabank Arena on Mar. 10, two days before the National Hockey League responded to… Read More

Leafs Still Need A Prominent Move

TORONTO (May 11) — It was two months ago today that I had a standing invitation from the hockey author, Kevin Shea, to attend the following night’s game at Scotiabank Arena between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nashville Predators —… Read More
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