Serenity Has Enveloped Leafs Land

TORONTO (Oct. 17) — It’s refreshing to observe how Leafs Nation is so–coolly reacting to an unremarkable 4–3–1 record after eight games of the National Hockey League season. No premature indications of panic or anxiety. Rather, a coherent, logical assessment with 74 matches remaining on the schedule.

Consider these balanced remarks from the chat forum H–F Boards:

[Mike] Babcock’s leash better be short. Lose to Boston on Saturday and the chopping block is for real.

We’ve changed our defense and our third and fourth lines. So, either we get rid of Babcock to see if that changes anything or we start trading one or more of our big guys. I can’t imagine trading one player would make any difference, so we’d probably be looking at multiple trades. Do we want to try a new coach first or start trading Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, John Tavares and/or William Nylander?

The only silver lining is seeing this moron get fired by American Thanksgiving if we aren’t in a playoff spot. He has no tactics; is unable to adjust; pigheaded… and every time he opens his mouth, nonsense comes out. Or, he says “I don’t know what the issue is”. Newsflash, idiot, it’s your job to know and to fix it. I know it’s not all on Babcock because some of our core players are lazy and entitled. But, Babs has gotta go.

Though I don’t endorse overreaction after a loss in mid–October, I also believe the highest paid coach, who just happens to be a stubborn narcissist, should be open to criticism. Carry on.

If the Leafs don’t make it out of the first round this season, Brendan Shanahan, Kyle Dubas and Mike Babcock should all be fired. Shanahan has been here five years. Five years without a division title or series win should lead to termination.

Honestly, I’ve really been thinking lately about how a team like this would look like under a coach like John Tortorella. Someone who isn’t going to let the players off the hook for low–effort nights.

I’m hoping “Gabby” (Bruce Boudreau) is our next coach.

[Kyle] Dubas owns some of the responsibility as our defense is still an issue and our backup goaltender is pretty awful. Why? He couldn’t negotiate with our star players. If the team is still having issues, just move on from Dubas. We only have these star players under contract for so long and I would rather not piss it away.

The Leafs did have a very good back–up. Our delusional, egomaniac of a GM cut him last season in favor of a guy who isn’t even an AHL starter. Dubas has no business being an NHL GM.

As mentioned, calm… analytical… enlightened… with abiding perspective. Exactly what we’d anticipate from the NHL’s most–knowledgeable fans after less than one–tenth of the season. Rather than calling for heads to roll, Leafs Nation understands that a team largely re–modeled (beneath the expensive core) in the summer might require a bit of time to accrue coherency. No one is even implying that Mike Babcock expedite the process. There are four years remaining on his contract. Plenty of time, fans agree, for one of hockey’s most–coveted mentors to pull it all together. Perhaps repeatedly. Why suggest replacing him with Bruce Boudreau or John Tortorella… even if they coach, undeniably, the two best teams in the league.

As the fans point out, there is absolutely no evidence that Babcock is under surveillance or culpability from Dubas. So what if the GM wanted to fire him after the playoff defeat against Boston last April in favor of Toronto Marlies coach Sheldon Keefe; extending Keefe’s contract by two years over the summer. That was then and this is now. Babcock, we remember, was thrilled when Shanahan waved goodbye to Lou Lamoriello 15 months ago and promoted Dubas. Why, there isn’t a Stanley Cup and Olympics gold–medal–winning coach anywhere on Earth that wouldn’t dream about working for a rookie boss 29 years his junior. Almost never has an executive tandem of the Leafs been so–thoroughly copacetic, with unspoken harmony as it pertains to roster decisions and deployment. Especially between the pipes. Heck, Dubas traded Garret Sparks merely to prevent his admiring bench boss from resting Frederik Andersen too frequently.

“Truth be known, Mike pleaded with me to keep Garret,” said Dubas. “But, he realized the trade (with Vegas) was in our best interests. It was a minor disagreement; the only one I can recall us having.”

Added Babcock: “Yeah, Kyle’s right. He reminded me how thoroughly we agreed about putting Curtis McElhinney on waivers last year. I settled right down. My plan was to use Freddy in no more than 45 games this year. By trading Garret, Kyle persuaded me to up that total. I figure 68 to 70 starts should do.”


As for the Leafs next game — at home to Boston on Saturday — there is almost no apprehension. Fans around here understand the Bruins have been nothing more than a petty annoyance since the 2013 playoffs. Games 7 last spring, and the one prior, could have gone either way were it not for a goaltender running on fumes, absurd deployment of personnel and the enormous gap between skill and tenacity. Minor details. All of which were addressed over the summer to the coach’s comfort. Losing to Boston on Saturday is immaterial. Toronto fans would barely react, knowing that more–significant challenges are on the horizon before mid–November — against Columbus, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Listen closely enough and you can hear the soothing ripples of contentment in Leafs Land.


9 comments on “Serenity Has Enveloped Leafs Land

  1. It’s eight games into the season and we’ve twice had back to backs. Anyone who is in panic mode now obviously knows next to nothing about hockey. How did St. Louis start off last year?

  2. LMFAO – “Truth be known, Mike pleaded with me to keep Garret,” said Dubas. “But, he realized the trade (with Vegas) was in our best interests. It was a minor disagreement; the only one I can recall us having.” ….

    If Toronto 7-1, or even 6-2 for the season then nobody would be talking about the obvious. Right now Toronto is a sub-par team, with the highest-paid coach, and a maxed-out payroll.

    I digress, I caught the Montreal game on the weekend was both gobsmacked & envious (a) watching Weber moving the puck up the ice as if the opposing team’s players were pylons and (b) watching Weber set up for the one-timer.

    Segway back to the Leafs – Toronto has a hard time advancing the puck out of their own end. Babcock is going to have to figure out how to coach one of the players up or convince his GM/President to go out and trade for someone who can. Toronto has a window to compete for a cup this year but unless something changes they won’t be able to advance.

  3. You can’t blame Babcock for everything. The team he is coaching this year is not as good as last year. Thecurrent team lacks grit. Mr.Dubas put this team together and regardless of what Babcock does this team cannot compete with any consistency against
    Team’s like the Bruins, Capitals and Tampa. I am extremely disappointed in the makeup of this year’s leafs and Don’t see them doing any better than last year’s team.

  4. Well, that didn’t just drip, it positively gushed with sarcasm.
    Seems lost on the 1st commentator though.

  5. Yes I definitely agree a coaching change is needed. Babcock doesn’t seem to be coaching to win you have to play your best players as much as you can and he’s definitely not doing that. He’s gotta go!!!

  6. I agree. With so much talent on the Leafs the problem has to be coaching. Just look at the success of other teams with less talented players then the Leafs. They are succeeding because of coaching. Time for a coaching change in Leaf Land is now. A few more losses for the Leafs and you can kiss the playoffs good bye. The success of other teams in the division will knock them out of a playoff spot. TIME FOR COACHING CHANGE IN TORONTO IS NOW.

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