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Leafs Fans, On The Contrary…

TORONTO (July 24) — Adopting the age–old cliché that there are two sides to every coin, let’s look at a different side of the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is not to excuse Brendan Shanahan and Kyle Dubas for the salary… Read More

Leafs Are Enmeshed In Denial

TORONTO (July 22) — Here’s a question for my ol’ friend, Steve Keough, director of media relations for the Toronto Maple Leafs: Why did general manager Kyle Dubas communicate with reporters earlier today? Would it not have been easier for… Read More

After All The Sleepless Nights…

TORONTO (July 21) — Do you think it’s possible? That somewhere far down the line, a young fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs will tell his grandchild where he was upon learning the Seattle Kraken had claimed Jared McCann in… Read More

The Leafs: Expansion Draft History

TORONTO (July 19) — The Seattle Kraken, on Wednesday, will select its first team in the National Hockey League’s 13th expansion draft since 1967. That was the year the NHL made its biggest move, doubling in size by adding six… Read More

The Leafs Are… The Leafs

TORONTO (July 18) — Of course the Toronto Maple Leafs wouldn’t gamble. When you’re sitting on such assuredness as a five–year playoff bomb, why change? Hence, there they were… the four forwards protected from the Seattle Kraken in Wednesday’s expansion… Read More

Hyman: A Somber Exit

TORONTO (July 15) — After all the ancient heroes that have come to “die” with the Toronto Maple Leafs at the end of their careers, a local blueblood — still in his prime — will need to play elsewhere next… Read More

The Leafs Are So Handcuffed

TORONTO (July 14) — What a coincidence that a team with nary an unsold seat for home games has made itself the ultimate spectator. Unless the Toronto Maple Leafs divert from their bullheaded “we’ll get this done” posture, the club… Read More

Slagging the Far–Right

TORONTO (July 13) — Yes, I am venturing outside the lines for today’s blog. With Donald Trump still alive; still treacherous, and likely planning to defile democracy in a second run for United States president, it’s time to say hello… Read More

The Leafs Goaltending Conundrum

TORONTO (July 10) — The best and worst of the Toronto Maple Leafs during the Kyle Dubas era has involved the most–critical position of any hockey club: goaltender. It was a topic bantered about by Bryan Hayes, Dave Feschuk (Toronto Read More

What Are The Leafs Thinking Now?

TORONTO (July 8) — We all listened, incredulously, when Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan insisted after the first–round playoff collapse against Montreal that his team, without changing in any meaningful way, would “get this done.” The assumption (or vague guarantee)… Read More

John: A truly remarkable person

TORONTO (July 5) — This is the most important blog I’ve ever written. It’s the story of a man named John. Not just any John, but a 57–year–old man of such remarkable character, courage and spirituality that I can barely… Read More

The Elaborate Leafs Season Tickets

TORONTO (July 3) — Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, under the ownership triumvirate of Bell Canada, Rogers Communications and Larry Tanenbaum, has never been accused of parsimony. As it relates to the hockey department, there are grave concerns over having… Read More

“Muskoka” Element is Back

TORONTO (June 30) — It’s almost as if the Leafs are making moves to deliberately aggravate their fans. Bad enough that Brendan Shanahan and Kyle Dubas haughtily dismissed the shameful opening–round collapse against Montreal, telling the world nothing about the… Read More

CFL/Argos in my Blood — Part 1

TORONTO (June 29) — I wrote a blog here on Father’s Day that struck a chord. As I knew it would, particularly among sports fans in Toronto. It recounted how my father, Irv, took me to my first Maple Leafs… Read More

How Did They Not Win The Cup?

TORONTO (June 26) — I will watch hockey for the rest of my life and fail to understand how it happened. Just as I remember sitting in the basement of my next–door neighbor on the afternoon of Apr. 18, 1971… Read More

Why The Killer Matters So Much


The God of Les Glorieux

TORONTO (June 24) — The Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup on Tuesday night in Las Vegas. The Habs weren’t presented the trophy after their 4–1 dismantling of the Golden Knights at T–Mobile Arena. But, trust me, they won the… Read More

Raised on the Leafs and Argos

TORONTO (June 20) — You can blame Dad. All that nonsense I spewed over the airwaves from 1988 to 2011 and the rather critical eye with which I view your favorite hockey team, today, in my blog… it’s his fault.… Read More
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