Sadly, Jew Haters Are Everywhere

TORONTO (Mar. 27) — Another anti–Semite has crawled out of his hole.

Someone named Andrew Berkshire, who calls himself a “Montreal media personality”, teed off on Zach Hyman in a Twitter (or X) post that reeks with anti–Jewish sentiment. I’m sorry I need to give this Bozo added attention, but neither will I stand down against such blatant disrespect for an honest, hard–working hockey player — the first Jew to come anywhere near the 50–goal plateau in National Hockey League history. According to Berkshire, Hyman’s success on the ice is not related to diligence or skill around the net. It results from the Toronto native growing up “insanely rich.” Again, I hate to post a fool’s tidings, but this one cannot be swept under the rug.

“The story that’s being sold right now… is that, you know, if you work hard… you can get there too, 31–year–old guy finally hits the 50–goal mark,” Berkshire babbled, rather incoherently, on Twitter. “Yeah, great, except you’re missing the part of the story where Zach Hyman grew up insanely rich.” From Postmedia: Berkshire, who works as an analyst and host with the Steve Dangle Podcast Network, then details how Hyman’s parents bought a league to “guarantee him playing time,” and that he did “exclusive training that only a rich person … could afford.”

Of course, Berkshire (pictured below) makes no mention of the countless non–Jews that have had the same privilege. Hockey is an expensive sport to play. It matters not your religion or ethnicity. Parents of a young boy or girl must have the means to outfit their child. Neither should have to wear a yellow star, as with the doomed people of the Holocaust, indicating denomination. Berkshire doesn’t write this, per say, but the undercurrent is obvious.

An even hundred players in the NHL (beginning with Maurice Richard) have scored 50 goals in a season. I’m sure it was just a coincidence (sigh) that Mr. Montreal chose the only Jew among them for his “rich man” analogy.

If I’m Steven Glynn, the former Sportsnet screamer that calls himself Steve Dangle, never again does Berkshire appear on any of my media forums. There’s more than enough discrimination in the world today. And, no need whatsoever for it to be flaunted in a sports–related rant. Any non–Jewish person who thinks I’m overreacting should have been in my work vehicle, last Friday afternoon, when a truck driver came to within inches of my side window because the back end of the vehicle was slightly obstructing his path (I had to pull up behind another car to make a left turn). This was hardly a grievous crime. Yet, the man rolled down his window and shouted “you fu–ing Jews are all the same. You should have been gassed with the rest of them.” Seriously. For costing the driver maybe an extra two seconds of travel time. It was really pleasant to experience that attack, let me tell you.

But, the feeling is rampant and it didn’t begin with Berkshire. A former, long–time Toronto Sun sports columnist, somehow in the Hockey Hall of Fame, often called Gary Bettman and his clan “New York lawyers.” Why not just write “effin’ Jew” when invoking the NHL commissioner? Hiding bigotry behind a colloquial reference is cowardice.

Much of the racial claptrap today stems from the war in the middle east.

Believe me, I do not agree with all of Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip and beyond. Far from it. Nor will the Jewish–Palestine issue be settled in this century… or the next one. But, the current round of bitter quarrel would not have occurred if Hamas had minded its own business on Oct. 7. Instead, the terrorist group crossed the border, killing nearly 2,000 innocent Israelis, while taking others hostage. If you poke the unsuspecting bear, you’re going to sustain a lamentable bite. Creating the wound that currently victimizes souls on the other side of the fence. There are few boundaries to an act of war. Just check with the United States of the post–9/11 era.

There must, however, be boundaries in the mainstream media against underlying anti–Semitism… or any form of bigotry. Especially when writing or talking about sport, for God’s sake. Andrew Berkshire is getting justifiably roasted by all those who observed his attack on the best Jewish hockey player that ever lived. It was nothing less than a stupid, irresponsible diatribe. I’m hoping we’ve seen and heard the last of this “Montreal media personality.”


20 comments on “Sadly, Jew Haters Are Everywhere

  1. howard, I wish you would have reported on the sad fact that Hyman had to deal with his own team, the Oilers, featuring anthem singers that wore Palestinian Kaffiyehs.
    I think Hyman answered with his talent, scoring 3 goals that night or the next.

  2. Howard. Why was it ok to support your “old pal” Steve Simmons when he completely dismissed and questioned the racial grievances of a black hockey player by the name of Akim Aliu? Simmons comments where not merely implied either. There was no reading between the lines yet you defended him.

  3. Antisemitism is the vile little secret that pops up without warning, often when least expected. Worse, it seems like it’s almost accepted as “normal”. I recall the casual antisemitism expressed by a friend of mine and his father many years ago as a teenager. It was jarring, and I asked my friend the equivalent of WTF. My father was a teenager in Holland in ww2 under nazi occupation, so ww2 history was prominent in my upbringing and I remain “sensitive” to the mis-use/diminishment of words like fascism, nazi and genocide. The experiences he told me of have stayed with me and shaped my views in a positive way.
    Reading about your interaction with the knuckle dragger horrified me, enraged me and saddened me to the core. The passive and permissive police response and the equivocation by simpering politicians is nauseating and must make the Jewish community feel betrayed, and should offend every Canadian.
    As for the blogger/self anointed media personality…he seems just a garden variety fool, like most of them. Another good reason to ignore screamin’ steve dangle.

  4. How did the person in the car know you were Jewish?

    And if it’s George Gross that is the Toronto Sun Columnist, edit your story to name and shame him.

  5. Going forward, Berkshire’s opinions on anything will be definitely be interpreted as skeptical at best. No credentials and access to interviews will make it impossible to be a genuinely respected “media personality”. “SORRY YOUR NO LONGER ON THE LIST”.

  6. What does money have to do with talent and drive? Anyone who can afford hockey equipment and the registration fees have the same chance. You cannot ‘buy’ your way into a professional hockey career.

    1. Exactly. Too bad Mr. Berkshire is consumed by the only Jew to become a scoring star in the NHL. When you’re an anti-Semite, all the other “rich” players and families are overlooked.

  7. Hi Howard. This low life needs to crawl back under the rock from which he came. It’s jerks like him who wouldn’t have the jam to step on to a professional sports venue that always want to make a name for themselves by being “edgy”, and controversial. This is neither. It is out and out racism , and Anti-Semitic. Zach Hyman is an outstanding player, and team mate. Just ask any of the players who have played with him. I sincerely hope that responsible journalists who cover hockey, will hang a shingle on this guy, and treat him with the disgust, and shame he richly deserves. Thanks for calling him out, Howard. Well done!! Ron Asselstine. (NHL 1979-97)

  8. You cannot buy athletic ability and the success that come with it. That is achieved by desire and hard work……just ask Michael Jordan or Jerry Rice. This guy in Montreal is out to lunch and probably never competed at any serious level in his life.

  9. He’s not a “media personality” here Howard. Nor is he media, period. “We in the media…” is how he laughingly begins his hate-filled rant. He’s not in a press box, he’s never in a dressing room post game or post practice. He’s a numbers nerd who once suggested that Raphael Diaz was a top 4 NHL Dman because that’s what his stats told him. He has bounced around from blog to blog and job to job continuously. As he ages and opportunities dwindle he’s just exposing himself more and more as a gigantic piece of shit.

  10. As you stated Howie, Hyman isn’t the only player in the NHL that benefited from wealthy parents. In fact I know of two people personally that have purchased teams specifically so that their sons are on the team. And they are not Jews. What is interesting is that Berkshire chose to make Hyman the poster boy for this. I didn’t read the post but had he used Hyman as a talking point due to his current high profile and then gone on to name others I would be fine with that. But otherwise no.

  11. What happened to good ole fashioned work ethic
    The gentleman who issued the comment should be ashamed of himself but in today’s times it does not surprise me
    Sad commentary on the world we live in

  12. Disgusting what this low life said. Ironically two days before his article I tweeted out what an incredible person and teammate. Zach Hyman is. Humble, loved by his teammates. It’s really sad that this is the world. We’re living in now. When I refereed Zach, he was so respectful and classy to all officials.

  13. Let’s face it Howie ! The world is full of hate mongers, but more of them feel “liberated” to spew their hatred, because of the horrific war between Hamas and Israel.
    Most importantly, as it pertains to Zach Hyman, watch when he typically heads to the front of the opponent’s net, where he’s scored must of his goals this season.
    It’s fascinating to see that while he draws lots of attention from the other teams defense, he rarely gets a cheap shot thrown his way.
    To me, that’s an indication of the respect he commands from his NHL peers, which would be the opinions that Zach Hyman really cares about, his fellow NHL’rs
    It would be fascinating to see this guy get a media credential to an Oilers game, and see if he wants to preach his pathetic perspective to Zach, and his teammates, face to face.

  14. This is despicable. And even if it were true about Hyman’s purported family wealth, he should know that the majority of successful NHL players have started out from backgrounds with meager beginnings.

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