What Are These People Saying?

TORONTO (May 26) — Nothing in sports media should surprise me anymore. Not after writing or speaking about the Toronto Maple Leafs for the past 35 years. But, I have to admit: I’m astonished at the number of reputable correspondents… Read More

No Chance Mitch Marner Will Waive

TORONTO (May 23) — It was just more than 16 years ago, in March 2008, that fans of the Maple Leafs briefly turned on franchise scoring leader Mats Sundin. Responding, as it were, to Sundin exercising a provision that allowed… Read More

What Is Rogers Waiting For?

TORONTO (May 22) — With the Maple Leafs (we think) committing to a seismic shift in philosophy, when might the Toronto Blue Jays acknowledge their own mismanaged structure? Or, is this all about putting lipstick on Rogers Centre? The… Read More

Is That The Best MLSE Could Do?

TORONTO (May 17) — In the eight days since firing Sheldon Keefe, the Toronto Maple Leafs had every living, breathing human to choose from as a coach that would guide Auston Matthews and William Nylander during their biological primes in… Read More

What Are The Argonauts Doing?

TORONTO (May 15) — My favorite professional sports team; in fact, the only team for which I maintain an emotional attachment, appears to be imploding before our very eyes. Or, at least partially imploding. How else can we explain the… Read More

Again, Leafs Fans, There’s Only One

TORONTO (May 13) — I’m going to begin by asking a question for which there is no logical answer: Why would the Maple Leafs, in their pursuit of a coach to replace Sheldon Keefe, look anywhere but in the direction… Read More

Actually, the Leafs Did It Right

TORONTO (May 10) — After the Maple Leafs fired Sheldon Keefe on Thursday, the headline to my blog read ALWAYS THE EASIEST PATH FOR MLSE. I would therefore consider myself an insufferable hypocrite if I began this column by piling… Read More

Always The Easiest Path For MLSE

TORONTO (May 9) — It should come as no surprise that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment appears to be following the path of least resistance. Again. Rather than starting from scratch and building a new hockey department, the Leafs, today,… Read More

Leafs Fans Deserve Housecleaning

TORONTO (May 7) — The hockey bar in this city is so low that giving it an honest try over three games, while doing just enough to lose again in the opening playoff round, was acceptable for at least one… Read More

Loss Leads to Throwaway Season

TORONTO (May 5) — Yeah, the Maple Leafs gave it a shot; more–so than any of us felt possible after Game 4 produced one of the most desultory home playoff displays of all time. In the end, however, it was… Read More

May the 4th Be With You

TORONTO (May 4) — Some impertinent notes and notions on the Saturday of Game 7… Tonight will mark the eighth time that the Toronto Maple Leafs have appeared in a Stanley Cup playoff game on May 4. The club’s record… Read More

The Bruins are Toast

TORONTO (May 3) — After Games 5 and 6 of this playoff round between Toronto and Boston, we can genuinely tell you the Bruins no longer deserve to win. It doesn’t mean they won’t, as the law of averages has… Read More

Pressure Is All On The Maple Leafs

TORONTO (May 1) — Oh, they tried, desperately, in the supper hour tonight: Mark Masters, Glen Schiller, Bryan Hayes, Bruce Boudreau and the other talking heads on Leafs–owned TSN claiming the pressure in the Toronto–Boston playoff series has shifted to… Read More

The Leafs Won’t Expire Tonight


Is Auston Matthews Concussed?

TORONTO (Apr. 29) — Though the Maple Leafs do not disclose medical information (hey, Gary Bettman, how are fans to wager on games in the National Hockey League without such data?), a tidbit of sincerity raised the antenna of a… Read More

Golf Season Is Nearly Upon Us

And, now, the Leafs must wade into the abyss, also known as Scotiabank Arena, for Games 3 and 4. It is currently a best–of–five clash with the Leafs possessing home ice disadvantage. How else can we position the series Read More

The Leafs Dilemma… and Bob Cole

TORONTO (Apr. 26) — It’s been said that numbers do not lie. And, a trio of numerals representing the Maple Leafs absolutely must change or the club will never challenge for the Stanley Cup; not this year or in the… Read More

Now Comes The Hard Part

TORONTO (Apr. 23) — It isn’t often, if ever, that a team will pursue a split of consecutive playoff games on home ice. That objective is normally reserved for a road team, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs in their… Read More
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