The Leafs Won’t Expire Tonight


Is Auston Matthews Concussed?

TORONTO (Apr. 29) — Though the Maple Leafs do not disclose medical information (hey, Gary Bettman, how are fans to wager on games in the National Hockey League without such data?), a tidbit of sincerity raised the antenna of a… Read More

Golf Season Is Nearly Upon Us

And, now, the Leafs must wade into the abyss, also known as Scotiabank Arena, for Games 3 and 4. It is currently a best–of–five clash with the Leafs possessing home ice disadvantage. How else can we position the series Read More

The Leafs Dilemma… and Bob Cole

TORONTO (Apr. 26) — It’s been said that numbers do not lie. And, a trio of numerals representing the Maple Leafs absolutely must change or the club will never challenge for the Stanley Cup; not this year or in the… Read More

Now Comes The Hard Part

TORONTO (Apr. 23) — It isn’t often, if ever, that a team will pursue a split of consecutive playoff games on home ice. That objective is normally reserved for a road team, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs in their… Read More

What If It Happens Again?

TORONTO (Apr. 22) — I know it’s difficult, Leafs Nation, to embrace perspective about your team, especially after such a debacle as the playoff opener in Boston the other night. But, heck, it was just a year ago that Tampa… Read More

“Car 34, Where Were You?”

TORONTO (Apr. 21) — Was it a look of confusion… or a deer in the headlights? Decide for yourself, as captain John Tavares left the ice (below) after a severely humbling, 5–1 loss by the Maple Leafs to the Boston… Read More

It’ll Be All Brad… All the Time

TORONTO (Apr. 20) — This prediction is too easy… and, quite frankly, too predictable: If the Toronto Maple Leafs get tormented by Brad Marchand, yet again, golf season around here will start early. Yet again. No player in the National… Read More

Argos In A Hell–Like Scenario

TORONTO (Apr. 11) — I can only imagine the angst; the fear and the disappointment that has overwhelmed the Toronto Argonauts in recent months… and far–more quietly than it would have in an earlier era. Good Lord, how this city… Read More

Egad! The Leafs Look Playoff Ready

TORONTO (Apr. 10) — While most of Leafs Nation is consumed by the media–driven race to 70 goals for Auston Matthews, I see elements potentially more exciting for fans of the Blue and White. From my perspective, this is the… Read More

A New Era Begins For The Leafs

TORONTO (Apr. 1) — Please pardon me the sin of diverting you, even temporarily, from the Auston Matthews love–fest in the mainstream media. I promise to not keep you very long. But, a far–more significant event is about to unfold… Read More

Sadly, Jew Haters Are Everywhere

TORONTO (Mar. 27) — Another anti–Semite has crawled out of his hole. Someone named Andrew Berkshire, who calls himself a “Montreal media personality”, teed off on Zach Hyman in a Twitter (or X) post that reeks with anti–Jewish sentiment. I’m… Read More

Remembering Legends From Above

A RE–POST FROM FEBRUARY 2021, DURING THE COVID PANDEMIC: TORONTO (Feb. 15) — It was Apr. 27, 2006 and I felt sorrowful. While in my hotel room at Le Centre Sheraton in Montreal, covering Games 3 and 4 of the… Read More

Berger & Rumack: Would You Watch?

TORONTO (Mar. 18) — If I remember correctly, the last time Stormin’ Norm Rumack and I were on the air together was nine days before Apollo 11 lifted off on man’s first lunar voyage. Just kiddin’. Wasn’t that long ago,… Read More

Ron and Don: Together Again?

TORONTO (Mar. 11) — Starting today with a confession: I have no idea when the photo, below, was taken. But, looking at Ron MacLean, Don Cherry and a birthday cake, I’m going to assume (until told otherwise) that it was… Read More

For the Maple Leafs, it’s all the same

TORONTO (Mar. 8) — Nothing has changed in the past half–decade. Zilch. Bupkis. Nor will it change in the foreseeable future. Every year on trade deadline day, the Maple Leafs are choked off and handcuffed by the four playoff ballerinas… Read More

Only the Toronto Star Had Gonads

TORONTO (Mar. 3) — As an indication of the vice–grip held by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment over the local and national media, the Toronto Star was the lone outlet to report on the unconscionable cash–grab by the Toronto Raptors… Read More

No More Excuses For The Leafs

TORONTO (Feb. 29) — It was there… for two stunning, impeccable weeks. Even if it ended with a face–plant on Tuesday at Scotiabank Arena. The Toronto Maple Leafs, led by their highest–paid stars, won seven consecutive games and played to… Read More
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