Watch the Leafs Win THIS Cup

TORONTO (May 28) — Evidently, I’m stupid. That may come as hardly a bulletin to those that frequent this corner. And, particularly, to Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas, who invoked the word on Wednesday to describe any person affixing… Read More

It’s Just a Bad Idea

TORONTO (May 24) — So, the puck has slid from the players to the National Hockey League’s end of the ice. Gary Bettman’s administration has the final call: a) move forward with a concocted mini–tournament for the Stanley Cup in… Read More

Marner, Domi Offer Moral Compass

TORONTO (May 15) — It has been more than two months since the Toronto Maple Leafs played a game, defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2–1, at Scotiabank Arena on Mar. 10, two days before the National Hockey League responded to… Read More

Leafs Still Need A Prominent Move

TORONTO (May 11) — It was two months ago today that I had a standing invitation from the hockey author, Kevin Shea, to attend the following night’s game at Scotiabank Arena between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nashville Predators —… Read More

CHUM Charts… and the Leafs

TORONTO (May 2) — It’s that date again. For the 53rd consecutive time. As if anyone that follows the Toronto Maple Leafs need be reminded, it was on this night, in 1967, that the club won its most–recent Stanley Cup.… Read More

NHLPA Needs To Step Up

TORONTO (Apr. 27) — Amid the ambiguity with regard to finishing the 2019–20 National Hockey League season, only one thing is certain: a Stanley Cup tournament cannot be conducted without players. As much as anyone, I wish for a 2020… Read More

My Donald Trump Rant

TORONTO (Apr. 18) — Off topic, yes, but some venting required: There is no more polarizing figure on the planet right now than United States President Donald Trump. He held that claim long before the COVID–19 pandemic and has augmented… Read More

The Maple Leafs Since Ballard

TORONTO (Apr. 12) — It became, without question, the most–familiar lament among hockey fans in this city during the “lost decade” of the 1980’s: “The Maple Leafs won’t win the Stanley Cup until Harold Ballard dies.” That departure occurred 30… Read More

Wrestling Nights at the Gardens

TORONTO (Apr. 10) — Next week, beginning Wednesday afternoon, will be the 50th anniversary of the ill–fated Apollo 13 lunar voyage, during which astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert suffered an explosion of their main oxygen tank while… Read More

Lurching at L–A–X: A Leafs Travel Tale

TORONTO (Apr. 3) — In our COVID–19 universe, laughter is cathartic. Here is one story (among many) from my years (1994–2010) traveling with the Toronto Maple Leafs as a reporter for The FAN–590, Canada’s first all–sports radio station. Hope you… Read More

Forget About 2020, Sports Fans

TORONTO (Mar. 31) — A doctor/friend of mine near Philadelphia who works with infectious diseases and is “busier than a seven–peckered monkey in heat” told me yesterday that he has no confidence professional sport will return in this calendar year.… Read More

That Ethereal Night on Carlton St.

TORONTO (Mar. 28) — Given the multitudes under house arrest during the COVID–19 pandemic, I posted a question on Facebook and Twitter last week asking social media friends to name the most–memorable sports event they have attended. It generated nearly… Read More

NHL’s Integrity At Stake

TORONTO (Mar. 18) — As I see it from this part of the world, there are two primary issues in the midst of the COVID–19 pandemic: a) everything — sports included — pales in comparison to the global crisis. And,… Read More

How to Televise No Sports

TORONTO (Mar. 15) — Here in Canada, the peripheral effect of the COVID–19 pandemic will weigh enormously on the 24–hour sports–television networks: TSN and Sportsnet. With live programming essential, Sportsnet, in particular, becomes vulnerable to the shut–down of all professional… Read More

When The World Was Normal

TORONTO (Mar. 14) — In the days before otherwise–rational human beings were scared to leave their homes for food — yet had toilet paper piled to the ceiling — there was hockey. Stanley Cup hockey, to be precise. The variety… Read More

Let Us Be Thankful

TORONTO (Mar. 12) — As professional sports and college tournaments tumbled like dominoes earlier today, there was one unequivocal consolation: none of these events will be played in empty arenas. Of all the contingency plans for COVID–19, nothing rang with… Read More

Don’t Expect A Stanley Cup Winner

BREAKING (10:35 p.m. Mar. 11): Hearing the NHL will follow NBA and suspend play “by noon on Thursday.” BREAKING (9:30 p.m. Mar 11) : The National Basketball Association, tonight, suspended play indefinitely after a member of the Utah Jazz tested… Read More

Making The Playoffs Essential

TORONTO (Mar. 10) — In a telephone conversation, Monday night, with a rabid follower of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I was told, “the best thing for this team is to miss the playoffs. It would be the kick in the… Read More
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