Your Memoir Written — Here

TORONTO (Dec. 8) — As a quasi–public figure from 23 years reporting for Canada’s first all–sports radio station [The FAN–590], I get ideas presented to me on a fairly regular basis. Most involve proposals for my website (sorry, folks, the… Read More

The Bruins Have Become Soulless

TORONTO (Dec. 3) — Yes, they have the best record and winning percentage in the National Hockey League (19–3–0 before tonight’s home date with Colorado). And, a perfect 13–0–0 record at TD Garden. They possess several of the most–accomplished players… Read More

Media Cheering Over The Top… Again

TORONTO (Dec. 1) — I know… it isn’t nice to poop on a party. But, someone has to do it. While those in the mainstream Toronto media — so predictably — try to one–up each other in glorifying Mitch Marner,… Read More

The Popcorn Kid Remembers Borje

TORONTO (Nov. 29) — When reflecting on the core of the good–but–not–quite–good–enough Maple Leaf teams in the late–1970’s, six names come immediately to mind: Darryl Sittler, Lanny McDonald, Dave (Tiger) Williams, Borje Salming, Ian Turnbull and Mike Palmateer. The first… Read More

Keefe’s Leafs Should Be Proud

TORONTO (Nov. 28) — For several years now, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been November’s champion. Over the past three National Hockey League regular seasons, the Leafs possess a remarkable 30–5–4 record in the second month of the schedule. Two… Read More

How Did Borje Salming Die?

TORONTO (Nov. 26) — The subject–matter of this blog is largely irrelevant. Of sole importance to hockey fans the world over is that Borje Salming died peacefully on Thursday in Stockholm, surrounded by the people he loved. The news, though… Read More

My Last Conversation With The King

TORONTO (Nov. 25) — It’s a photo for the ages. Four men huddled in lifelong love and imminent grief across the road from the home of legends; the building in which they became royalty. Borje Salming, the Swedish hockey pioneer… Read More

Borje Is Gone, Quickly and Mercifully

TORONTO (Nov. 24) — Eight years after the morning we heard that Pat Quinn had passed away, another Maple Leafs legend — Borje Salming — has lost his battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). And, thank… Read More

No Calamity Is Big Enough

TORONTO (Nov. 22) — If you’re wondering whether the Maple Leafs will consider a compelling move now that their top three defensemen (Morgan Rielly, Jake Muzzin, T.J. Brodie) are sidelined with injury, allow me to answer one question with another:… Read More

The CFL Commish Does It Right

TORONTO (Nov. 21) — It’s a number the Toronto Maple Leafs want to desperately avoid. Yet, one the Toronto Argonauts carry with pride. Seven. The streak of Grey Cup appearances that has ended in triumph for Canada’s oldest professional sports… Read More

Toronto Sun Blows It With Simmons

TORONTO (Nov. 20) — A collection of thoughts on Grey Cup Sunday: Postmedia, owner of the Sun newspaper chain, doesn’t often make mistakes with sports coverage, particularly football, a favorite of sports editor Bill (Hawkeye) Pierce. But, the Toronto SunRead More

The 1976–77 Salming/Turnbull Dynamic

TORONTO (Nov. 19) — One week after the consecutive–night tributes at Scotiabank Arena to Borje Salming, there remains much intrigue and emotion over the Maple Leafs legend and his unwinnable struggle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease).Read More

Time For Some Crow

TORONTO (Nov. 14) — Those who frequent this corner will know that I routinely take a stance… and almost never alter my position. Until I have to. At which point, I serve myself a large plate of crow. Such an… Read More

The Captain; The Tiger… and Tears

TORONTO (Nov. 12) — To be honest, there’s no particular reason for me to write this blog. The remarkable and poignant images snapped, below, by veteran photographer Frank Gunn of The Canadian Press more than speak for themselves, as Borje… Read More

Erik Karlsson and Leafs Fantasy

TORONTO (Nov. 10) — Okay, we’re in the midst of a dream… at a time when there was no limit on roster wages in the National Hockey League. As a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who would you rather… Read More

Leafs’ Goalie Count Reaches 76

TORONTO (Nov. 7) — An ever–expanding list with the same result. Indeed, the Toronto Maple Leafs have deployed 76 goalies since the now–ethereal night of May 2, 1967, when the club last won the Stanley Cup. We aren’t sure (neither… Read More

November Leafs Media Nonsense

TORONTO (Nov. 5) — I’ve read about it in three places. So, it must be true. Fans and media following the Toronto Maple Leafs will discover, in the next four nights, whether this year’s club is a genuine championship contender.… Read More

Leafs Have Exhausted All Patience

TORONTO (Nov. 1) — Apologists for the Toronto Maple Leafs, of which there are still too many, tend to skirt legitimate matters by referencing that the club had the same record (4–4–2) after ten games last season, only to amass… Read More
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