Matthews Love–Fest Hits New Heights

TORONTO (Feb. 26) — Auston Matthews had a good game against the Minnesota Wild on Thursday and the media man–crush here in town went nuclear. With two goals, Matthews became the National Hockey League’s scoring leader and front–runner for his… Read More

What Is Kyle Waiting For?

TORONTO (Feb. 25) — If it’s true, as suggested by Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, that Kyle Dubas turned down a trade with Dallas for defenseman John Klingberg, the Maple Leafs general manager will fall on that sword. How many more… Read More

TSN Should Suspend Jeff O’Neill

TORONTO (Feb. 22) — It was nothing short of a disgusting, demeaning reply… and O–Dog should pay the price. During Tuesday afternoon’s edition of Overdrive across the TSN radio and television networks, Jeff O’Neill joined host Bryan Hayes and co–host… Read More

Where Expectation Meets Fantasy

TORONTO (Feb. 21) — As it happens virtually every time the Toronto Maple Leafs pull off a minor trade, the player acquired becomes an instant trophy candidate. In this case, lanky Ilya Lyubushkin, fetched by general manager Kyle Dubas from… Read More

Won’t Get Fooled Again

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around… The Who, May 1971 TORONTO (Feb. 19) — Yes, there will be change all around in the… Read More

How “Different” Are The Leafs?

TORONTO (Feb. 13) — Barring an 18–wheeler, the Maple Leafs are en route to the best regular season in their 105–year history. Never before has the club won 30 of its first 45 games, or accumulated 63 points in 45… Read More

Staying Ahead Of Crohn’s

PART 1 My story begins late in the summer of 1975. I was 16½ years old and not feeling quite right. I had worked as a counselor at a day camp in my neighborhood and was preparing to enter Grade… Read More

Dubas Knows What The Leafs Need

TORONTO (Feb. 7) — The reason Kyle Dubas told reporters on Monday that he hasn’t yet determined his trade deadline strategy is rather fundamental: He can stall for at least another five weeks. And, that’s precisely what the Maple Leafs… Read More

Two Solitudes… Like Never Before

TORONTO (Feb. 3) — Without bothering to check, I can tell you that only once have the Toronto Maple Leafs been more than 28 points ahead of the Montreal Canadiens at any juncture of a season in the 105–year history… Read More
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