Rogers Needs a Bolt; Leafs A Slam

TORONTO (May 28) — The biggest off–ice news in the National Hockey League this week was that Wayne Gretzky had signed a multi–year contract with Turner Sports to provide studio commentary. Turner and ESPN take over from NBC next season… Read More

Habs Delay The Inevitable

TORONTO (May 27) — It was a look of disbelief. Or, in this case, disbe–LEAF. Alexander Galchenyuk did not plan to send his ex–teammates on a 2–on–0 breakaway early in overtime Thursday night. That’s what you get, however, when you… Read More

Are The Leafs Already A Success?

TORONTO (May 27) — If you consider local newspaper and website headlines since Monday, it appears the 2021 Toronto Maple Leafs have attained some kind of zenith by merely leading the worst of the 16 Stanley Cup playoff qualifiers in… Read More

Cool — During and After

TORONTO (May 26) — The TV image spoke volumes. No raising his stick. No pumping of the arms. No gyrating of the body. Just a relaxed sip of water. It was there for fans across the country to see on… Read More

Hockey Night Really Needs The Leafs

TORONTO (May 24) — Unless the Edmonton Oilers become the fifth team in Stanley Cup playoff history to rebound from a 3–0 deficit in a best–of–seven series, Rogers, Sportsnet and Hockey Night In Canada will quickly lose one of its… Read More

Love Is In The Air

TORONTO (May 23) — Yes, folks, the planets have aligned. There is so much giddiness in and around Leafs Land after Saturday night’s bounce–back romp over Montreal that Adrienne Batra, the Toronto Sun’s editor–in–chief, has been invited to spend Victoria… Read More

Dubas Has More Important Issues

TORONTO (May 22) — I respect Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas, but he was out of line criticizing the Toronto Sun for its Friday cover. As pictured, below, the Sun ran a photo of a bloodied John Tavares being… Read More

Scars Must Quickly Heal

TORONTO (May 21) — No, the Maple Leafs are not in trouble against the Canadiens in their opening–round playoff quarrel. Not yet, anyway. Check back after Game 2 on Saturday and I may feel differently. It is nonetheless irrefutable that… Read More

Pondering The Imponderable

TORONTO (May 18) — Whether in a newspaper column or a blunt email exchange, Damien Cox gets it right. “Oh my, the horror!” he responded to yours truly, late Monday night, upon being apprised of the subject matter for our… Read More

Sports Fans Need More Opinion

TORONTO (May 15) — When CJCL AM–1430 became the first all–sports radio station in Canada (Sep. 4, 1992), I was provided a directive from two of the highest–ranking executives, Doug Ackhurst and Allan Davis: “We want strong opinion from you… Read More

Cherry–MacLean is Complicated

TORONTO (May 13) — In a perfect world, I would follow up my Sunday blog, which was a heartfelt plea to Don Cherry and Ron MacLean to resolve their differences, with a detailed postscript. The submission here went rather viral… Read More

A Heartfelt Appeal to Ron and Don

TORONTO (May 9) — This is an open letter to Ron MacLean and Don Cherry… Dear Ron and Don: I often think about the years I spent on your periphery while covering the Toronto Maple Leafs for The FAN–590. Then,… Read More

Cherry on Leafs: “No One Knows”

TORONTO (May 8) — During the nearly four decades in which he became the most–recognizable face in our country, Don Cherry was an unabashed supporter of the Maple Leafs. “I like ‘T–ronna,’ I want them to win,” he would tell… Read More

Time to Rant… Time to Rave

TORONTO (May 6) — Hey, guess what? The National Hockey League was big news in the United States for 72 hours this week. Not for any reason, of course, that relates to Connor McDavid performing at a level unseen since… Read More

What’s Next For The Birthday Boy?

TORONTO (May 5) — Mitch Marner turns 24 today. By the standard of professional hockey, he is no longer a kid. In 352 National Hockey League games, Marner has 354 points. Line–mate Auston Matthews has 348 points in 330 games.… Read More

Are Leafs–Habs Doomed Again?

TORONTO (May 4) — For more than two months, all signs have pointed toward a rebirth of the oldest rivalry in the National Hockey League. A best–of–seven clash in the opening round of the Stanley Cup tournament between the Toronto… Read More

The Tragedy of Roberto Alomar

TORONTO (Apr. 30) — Perhaps Dave Perkins, the legendary former baseball columnist at the Toronto Star, said it best while on the phone with me this afternoon. “Be prepared to never be surprised,” Dave offered when I asked for a… Read More

Could The Leafs Beat Connor?

TORONTO (Apr. 29) — There is a level of anticipation and excitement about the Toronto Maple Leafs that hasn’t existed for nearly 20 years, since the good hockey teams coached by Pat Quinn; led by Mats Sundin and backstopped by… Read More
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